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Course Evaluations

I took the course to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the structure of an academic paper as well as to learn R. I had limited previous R knowledge, however the use of Datacamp in the course was brilliant. All in all because of the course I was able to complete my thesis as it provided me with the structure of how to write a thesis as well as how to carry out data analysis in R. I encourage anyone with interest in data analysis to take advantage of this course.Ridaa (2019)

Imagine a friend of yours is taking this seminar. What would you recommend him/her?

The language of numbers

Course statistics
Semester # Participants % Female Ø Grade
2019/2020 9 (BA) 66 % 2,0
2020 11 (BA) / 4 (MA) 73 % 2,1
Check out the average grade for the seminar. Are good grades easy to get? We may need more information about candidates interested in the course, those starting the course but dropping out early. There could be self selection of highly motivated students who make it until the end. Thus grades might not be a good indicator for difficulty. Perhaps high difficulty and workload works as a filter and only high performer remain in class.
Background Knowledge of Class 2019

Most students rated their background knowledge in Economics and Statistics as “okay” (mode). Academic writing experience was mixed. R Experience was limited. Still, considering the overall good final grades we may conclude that sound statistics background is more important than prior programming. In other words, students can learn R programming within the scope of a semester.